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We are so glad you have found our website, and we hope that it will lead to a closer friendship with us, as you discover the wealth of resources that we make available to you to help build you up and keep you strong in the Faith.
Our radio station UCB Ireland, can be listened to in a variety of ways at present.
If you live in Ireland, you can listen to us 24/7 on Ireland's most popular cable TV network, UPC, by tuning your TV set to channel 918.
If you have a satellite dish you can listen to us on SKY channel 0214
With one click on the "listen live" icon on the top of the page here, you can continue to browse our website and listen to our radio station at the same time.
To listen to UCB Ireland on the move, why not use your iPhone to download the free UCB Ireland app. from the app. store, or if you have a smartphone then use it to download the free tunein app. from the market and listen to us on your smartphone phone as well.
Later this year, from June 1st to be precise, UCB Ireland will be heard on DAB radio here in Ireland. This service will provide a top quality digital sound that will enable you to listen to the station on a DAB radio set. This service will be upgraded in time to DAB+ in order to provide an even stronger and signal. We will be advising you very soon as to how you can obtain a DAB Radio very cheaply that will allow you to avail of this service here in Ireland.
UCB Ireland broadcast over a number of weekends on the FM band last year. We will be repeating this service later on this Summer.
All of this is good news for you the listener, as we continue to work towards making UCB Ireland as accessible as possible throughout Ireland and beyond.
If you have any queries about our service, or you would like to contact us for any reason. You may call us on 01 4299899 during office hours. You can send us an SMS/Text to 085 235 9769 at any time, and of course you may contact us through this website.
Are you a facebooker? We have a very lively facebook page at so why not join our friends and listeners there and enjoy the debates and information and exchanges that are posted there.
We want you to feel  a part of our family of listeners and we value your support and input.